Ciara’s Newest Fashion Brand Is All About Love

One of the purest expressions of love isn’t the kind you find in the greeting card aisle at the drugstore or nestled among hydrangeas and tulips at your local florist. It’s the kind that’s written all over your face, the light radiating from every nook and cranny of your body and brightening your eyes. New York was in the midst of another bleak summer afternoon as I sat in front of a Zoom screen chatting with Ciara, but her warm smile was the kind that brightened the day. We’ve seen this smile before, on red carpets and music videos. But perhaps the most authentic version is the one we see on Instagram in every photo as she cuddles with her three kids — Future, Sienna and Win — or side with her midfield husband. NFL Russell Wilson, or go on adventures with her famous besties LaLa Anthony and Vanessa Bryant.

Love is very much in Ciara’s entire brand, from the classic love songs she has delivered to fans throughout her seven studio albums to the foundation of her entrepreneurial endeavors. House of LR&C (Love, Respect, and Care), the fashion company that singers Russell and Christine Day founded in 2020, is founded on that very premise. Just as love is an ever-evolving feeling, so is House of LR&C. So what happens when you combine your love of design, love of red carpet moments, and love of service to all women? Enter: LITA, Ciara’s latest act of love.

Launched today, August 26, LITA is her newest fashion label under the umbrella of The House of LR&C, led by Ciara and Christine Day, CEO and co-founder of The House of LR&C. The two swirled around a few brands in deliberation (though she wouldn’t reveal any runner-ups) but Love Is The Answer feels right. When you know, you know.

“Love is the most powerful force on earth. A truly special gift we have as women is the gift to love, and when we use that love in the right way, we have can move mountains,” she explained. “We can make anything happen. Because you think about some of the most challenging times in life, whenever you choose to lead with love, chances are it will. You can overcome anything when you lead with love. You” you can repair relationships when you lead with love. You can repair broken friendships when you lead with love. That’s what LITA is about, love is the answer. ”

lita by ciara


Other brands under the House of LR&C imprint include Good Man Brand, the brainchild of Russell who Ciara describes as “the sweet spot between the guy who can meet for work all day and then switch to dressing up. sport”; Human Nation is designed to appeal to Gen-Z with comfortable sunglasses perfect for elbowing on TikTok. “[Human Nation] is kind of our Gen-Z influencer brand, but with that bit of street flair. We’re having a lot of fun in that space.” There’s a lot of fun going on in Lita – adult women’s joy. Lita speaks to the innate sensuality and sophistication of Ciara’s ego-altering style.

“My ultimate goal for LITA is to be a woman’s best friend in fashion. I’m a quiet girl, and so I was able to infuse some of that influence into the product line. hey. I’m also a tomboy, so there’s going to be a bit of an edge and attitude in all parts,” said Ciara. Lita is designed for women who want “to fly without spending a fortune.” (Collections range from $68-$895)

lita by ciara

Inspiration for Lita comes from many places, but the centerpiece of the collection is a chic bomber jacket with a cheetah embroidered on the back. Of all the designs in the collection — dalmatian faux fur coat, glamorous knit dress, leather pants — the Wildcat jacket Ciara says is 100% her influence, for its unique touches. of cheetahs to help them stand out instead of mixing together.

“[The coat] is too bold. The cheetah is also a central part of our identity. The black cheetah has three stripes along its back that, to me, add character. There are so many traits in it. those stripes and there’s a lot of personality in her too. She’s rare. She’s a protector. She’s bold,” Ciara explained. “We are women. Back to our love and uniqueness, and we are a rare breed of women.”

At this point in our conversation, Ciara wears another of her many hats—the stylist. Like a child eager to “show and tell,” Ciara began searching for samples in her office to demonstrate the versatility of each product. “The cardigan dress aka “Cardi” can be versatile during the day if you pair it with sneakers or at night if you wear it with boots. Then you can also wear it with heels.” , she said before enthusiastically showing me a preview of the black combat boots she would pair with the dress. She doesn’t have it on hand, but the Track Leather Pants are another favorite of hers because they’re super comfortable and make a woman’s “crowns” look good. She blushed as she said tushie. “I say tushie to my kids because I don’t like using other words,” she says.

lita by ciara

Of course, the design doesn’t overshadow her love of music, but the two challenge Ciara in different ways. “With music these days, with streaming and digital platforms, you can move things around a little bit more. With clothes, you can’t be like, ‘Oh, I think I’m going to ship this line. in the next month. No, because there are seasons and there’s a way for clothes to be bought from retailers and there’s a whole process,” adds Ciara. The seasons of the fashion calendar have become an adjustment for the designer. new design. “You can’t move deadlines and timelines as much as you can in the music space. This is one of my biggest challenges, but I have the opportunity to be creative at every level on both fronts, music and fashion. So that’s great,” she said.

Love is carefully woven throughout the collection, down to the materials used to make each product. According to Ciara, sustainability is one of the greatest acts of love that consumers can practice right now, which is why Lita uses conscious materials whose power exists in the world. your wardrobe.

“At home, you don’t have to sacrifice fashion to be sustainable. We’re thinking about durability. Sustainability in every part of the process and putting love in every part of the process is the real thing. important. And there can be environmental impacts at the same time. It all comes back to love,” explains Ciara. Her passion for fashion is like her mission to impact the environment and the world. “It’s not just an opportunity to create amazing fashion designs and keep my women flying and fashionable around the world. There is also this wonderful opportunity to create together. difference, so we give back 3% of what we make. We’re a giving back to the company first,” explains Ciara. Before any money reaches Ciara, Christine or Russell’s pockets, three percent of sales will be donated to the Why Not Wilson’s Friend Foundation, which supports organizations that provide educational resources children and raise money for the cure and treatment of childhood cancer. “Having the opportunity and platform to do all that good is an important part of ‘why we do this.'”

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