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Prices for the collection range from $29.90 to $89.90, and it was important to the athlete to keep prices low. “I want Aniviashirtstore to feel like they can get something new without feeling like it’s so much of a splurge,” she says. “We can do a really good job without putting an astronomical price point on it that makes it hard to reach.” Now that she’s ready to launch the line, she says she’s learned that designing is more similar to racing than she thought. “They’re similar in the way that you have to be involved,” she explains. “You have to motivate Aniviashirtstore and show your passion and that you care about it.” And when it comes to her line, she says that sentiment couldn’t be more true: “We all believe this could be really huge and we’re just getting started,” she says. Paula Deen, southern cookbook queen, former Dancing With the Stars contenstant and butter’s biggest fan, has taken a lot of bold steps in her career. But her most recent step is one away from the pantry and towards the walk-in closet, with the debut of her brand new clothing line, Paula Deen’s Closet, which she launched with Evine this week.

AEW CM Punk Supercharged Ringer Best In The World shirt

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AEW CM Punk Supercharged Ringer Best In The World s hooddie

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