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“When Shine The Light On came to us and told us about this very specific way that we could create clothing that would excite our fan bases, and it would make it so easy for them to get these really fun items of clothing that connected them to Suits and to Pretty Little Liars, and that it would 100% benefit this incredible organization, that’s what was so exciting for us,” Bellisario, 36, tells Aniviashirtstore exclusively. The Pretty Little Liars alum also notes that while “fundraising is important work,” it can be hard to get Aniviashirtstore engaged — which is why she and her husband of over five years are especially excited about how their dedicated fanbases can help make a difference. “If you can create something that accesses your fanbase and makes them excited — we get to have these really fun homages for the Pretty Little Liars fans and the same thing with the Suits crew — it gets everybody activated and excited in a whole new way,” the actress says. Never miss a story — sign up for Aniviashirtstore’s free daily newsletter to stay up-to-date on the best of what Aniviashirtstore has to offer, from juicy celebrity news to compelling human interest stories.

Best rundhals sea Hawks the great pnw shirt

King, who is mom to sons James Knight, 2½, and Leo Thames, 10 months, with director husband Kyle Newman, 40,didn’t stop at wanting to create clothing that was gender-fluid and empowering. The line is also meant to keep kids dreaming and playing creatively, both together and independently. “The most important thing for Kristin and me was to make sure we’re not just making clothing, but we’re making clothing that really excites the imagination, that shares the message of camaraderie, togetherness and playfulness,” the Sin City actress says. “This collection is vastly important because we want any boy that likes our dresses to rock them,” King continues. “[For] any girl that doesn’t want to wear a skirt to put on some sweet leggings.” That’s why the couple has teamed up with Variety Boys & Girls Club to raise funds for the organization’s first-ever Photography Academy through a partnership with purpose-driven apparel company Shine The Light On and Trueheart, a full-service creative agency specializing in global social impact campaigns.

Best rundhals sea Hawks the great pnw s hoodie

King’s collaboration with Nystrom not only takes care to focus less on stereotypically “male” or “female” colors, but also incorporates prints that are just as meaningful as they are fun. “When I see my child at the playground holding hands and playing with another boy — regardless of age, race, situation or circumstance — all I see from him is loving, and the powerful and effortless ability to connect,” King says. “So that’s where we came up with the idea to take animals that you’d typically not see in the animal kingdom getting along, sharing a milkshake,” she says of The Lion’s Heart collection. “Because that’s what our kids do.” “The reason I wanted to design a collaboration with Gardner and the Gang is because the moment that I saw what Kristin was creating, I felt an electricity inside of myself,” King continues. “My immediate thought was that this is not only ahead of its time, but the future of children’s clothing.”

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