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In 2020, actor and comedian Rachel Sennott introduced the concept of soft-launching a relationship in a viral tweet. “Congrats on the Instagram soft launch of ur boyfriend (pic on story, elbow and side profile only),” she wrote, adopting terminology traditionally used by businesses when slowly rolling out new products. The act of doing exactly this quickly became habitual among social media users as a way of gently introducing followers to their new partners. What has started happening now, though, is the opposite. Search “break-up announcement” on TikTok and you’ll find thousands of videos of people sharing the news that they have split from their most recent partner. Some are teary-eyed clips of exes smiling helplessly at the camera. Others are more considered, talking-to-camera explanations. And some feature actual cakes that share the news in icing.On Instagram, people tend to share the news in more subtle ways, without clear words or hashtags. Like by deleting photographs of their partners, or sharing videos to indicate that they’re moving house or even country. Some may call this a “soft” launch whereas the aforementioned, more explicit, examples are seen as “hard” launches.

Skeppy Valentines Diamond Roses shirt

Since Sex and The City, two generations have grown up with freer access to porn; the internet has caused a complete shift in the ways we meet for sex and for dating; and how we understand sex, desire, intimacy, potential, and love has shifted irrevocably as a result of various socio-political movements. Today Gen Z is having less sex than ever; Me Too has changed what sex means; millennials are opting for marriage more than the generation above them—and yet, Good Sex is still elusive. And so if Carrie’s column was about finding love and having sex in Manhattan, let this column be about finding good love and having good sex anywhere in the world. Welcome to Good Sex in Any City. Still traumatized from Jair Messias Bolsonaro’s unthinkable 2018 victory, we considered riding out Sunday’s election at home—like Buddhist monks—quietly meditating on his defeat. But it was too much pressure, so instead we grabbed some candles and headed to a party in Santa Teresa, a bohemian neighborhood in Rio, to gather. During the long hours it took to count the votes across the continental Brazilian territory, I saw friends guzzling beer, eyes glued to their phones. Others were praying for divine intervention. We had already witnessed a Bolsonaro presidency, and the mood in Rio had become despondent, like a dark cloud covering the sun. With historic levels of inequality, thousands of homeless people—often families with young children—were constantly begging in the streets. Open expressions of hatred and intolerance towards Black people, LGBTQ+ individuals, and anyone wearing red (considered a leftist color) had become the norm. The Amazon continued to burn, and many of us felt ashamed to be Brazilian. We are emotionally drained, like weary soldiers dusting ourselves off in preparation for the next round of assaults.

Skeppy Valentines Diamond Roses s Hoodie

For the last four years, the country has been entrenched in a battle for democracy that culminated in last Sunday’s election victory for leftist President Luiz Ignácio Lula da Silva, known colloquially as Lula. As cheers erupted and firecrackers exploded across Brazilian cities—a celebration that could have been mistaken for a soccer match victory—60 million Brazilians, including our small gathering in Santa Teresa breathed a momentary sigh of relief. The 2022 election will be remembered as one of the most important runoff elections in the history of the country and possibly the world. Brazilians were not only voting to oust Bolsonaro, a fascist whose authoritarian policies derailed the country—sending millions back into poverty—they were also voting to save our planet. A Bolsonaro victory would have meant the continued destruction of the Amazon; Lula’s victory may just be its salvation.

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